Sparking an Ear for Music!

New classes starting in January 2018!
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A fun place to learn music.

A Fun Place to Learn Music

Keyboard kids is a music school for young people ages 4 and up. Our piano classes focus on helping children develop an ear for music in a supportive group environment.

Most Fun Hour of the Week

Who doesn’t want to hear those words coming from their child as they are learning how to play the piano?

Our beginning piano lessons focus on singing the do, re, mi scale while learning to read and play the notes. Not only is it a great way to learn how to read music but it has been proven to help children develop their own personal ear for the scales. Learning this in a suportive group environment just makes it all the easier. Not to mention, it is just plain fun.

The Method

Our music school starts educating those as young as 4 and continues to advanced placement. Learn keyboard skills, rhythm patterns, solfege singing (do, re, mi) AND music theory in a physically fun and stimulating environment of age appropriate games and activities.

Your child’s class will occur during one fun-filled hour on a weekly basis and follow the holiday/break/summer schedule of either the Lake Washington or Bellevue School District.

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New classes starting mid-January 2018

TUESDAYS 5pm / 5-6 yr old

THURSDAYS 4:30pm / 4 yr old

THURSDAYS 6:30pm / 7-9 yr old

Contact Director Kaaren Moitoza for more information.

Sibling discounts

Sign up a second child and get 10% discount on his/her tuition


Music for Life

Students learn keyboard skills, rhythm patterns, solfege singing and music theory in a fun and stimulating environment.

Classes are continuous throughout the school season and engage children through many years of rewarding musical education and enrichment.

Students are grouped together by skill level and interest. Music principles are introduced and reinforced through age appropriate games and activities. Parent participation further strengthens the learning environment.

The curriculum is based on the Harmony Road Music Course which has been developed for over 25 years and is taught nationwide and in Canada. It has been further enhanced and extended by Kaaren through her many years of experience.

Toddler Tunes

Toddler Tunes (age 2-3) is a 16-week course, each session lasting 30 minutes.
Students learn musical concepts including melodic, rhythmic and reading fundamentals.

The course use games and materials that stimulate the child’s imagination.

The class requires a parent to participate with the child in class.

Music in Me

Music In Me (age 3-4) is a 16-week, 45-minute weekly class. This takes the students a step further towards readiness for the Harmony Road 1 course.

The course use games and materials that stimulate the child’s imagination.

The class requires a parent to participate with the child in class.


Kaaren has taught more than 1000 students since the school was founded in 1990. During that time, many parents have sung their praises for Keyboard Kids teaching style and methods. Children love Keyboard Kids too.

Here are just a few testimonials from current and previous participants:

Kaaren keeps the children always engaged during the lesson and beyond, with so many different activities. They love to come to the lesson and share what they’ve learnt and practiced at home. And she is also inspiring for adults to bring out their best, whether they are long time students or complete novices.

Maurizio Macagno

I appreciate Kaaren’s thorough holistic approach to a wide spectrum of musical skills. She is an experienced teacher who knows how to walk the line between structure and humor while keeping the lesson flowing. We are so pleased to have found our way into her studio.

Heather Bentley

Thanks to Kaaren’s attentive teaching style, our daughter has excelled in learning to play the piano. Kaaren does a great job keeping the faster learners challenged while supporting the students who are progressing more slowly.

Robin and Chris Wright

Our active son continues to enjoy coming to piano lessons because he gets to be with his friends and the class moves at a fast pace.

Susan and Jim Prostka

Our daughter loves the group dynamic and the fun supportive atmosphere of Keyboard Kids. We are thrilled that she is learning good keyboard skills and getting an invaluable musical grounding in ear training, rhythm and solfege as well.

Meg and Steve Brennand